14 Days of Valentine's: Infinite Rose Black Cube

February 13th 2018

Nothing's quite as striking or beautiful as our vivid Infinite Roses contrasting against a gorgeous black vase. The Infinite Rose Black Cube is no exception to this, think lovely Infinite Roses arranged in a beautiful cube of black glass, where their vivid colours are ideally suited. It’s not all down to the beautiful vase; it’s also down to our roses being the finest in the world. Our InfiniteRoses are real roses, which last up to a year, without any water. They’re so beautiful that cannot be told apart from their fresh-cut counterparts. You can read all about what makes our luxury roses so unique here.

The Infinite Rose Black Cube is available in three colours this Valentine’s Day, white, red and pink. We’ve chosen these colours as we feel they perfectly embody the occasion each representing a different style of elegance or romance. As well as this, our Infinite Rose Black Cube is available for nationwide delivery, after all, no one should miss out on perfection, no matter where they are.

Treat your recipient to something that’s bold, beautiful and so much more than a gift this Valentine’s Day, treat them to the Infinite Rose Cube. Photo credit: noraalkitbi


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