It's Spring

April 1st 2022

Green Roses
Infinite Red Rose
Spring Roses
Presentation Rose

For most spring is about renewal, loving the fact that the days are getting longer and in the northern hemisphere at least, getting warmer, the prelude to summer. There’s a lot going on too. Several significant festivals bring families together for obvious religious reasons but for many they have transcended the religious meaning and simply mean time off to spend with family and friends and celebrate the warmer weather and longer days.

Most festivals are associated with an exchange of gifts. When families come together it is a heartfelt thing to do to present your host or your nearest and dearest with a gift as a token of love or appreciation. These festivals are often associated with traditions or folklore. The Easter Bunny for example has its origins in Germany but now it is associated primarily with the giving of chocolate eggs! The confectioners have left no stone upturned creating a cornucopia of chocolate eggs that cater for children, and adults alike.

With spring being such a special time, for a multitude of reasons, and a time when we come together as families or friends, we also recognise that it is an appropriate time to treat someone special in our lives. With that in mind we have created a special Spring Collection which provides a fresh take on the OnlyRoses gifting promise. We hope that you will be inspired.

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