1. Ordering with OnlyRoses

By placing an order with OnlyRoses, either in store, on the phone or via our website at www.only-roses.com (further referred to as “the website”) you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

2. Changes to your online order

If you wish to change your order, please contact us. Please note that changes to your order, such as change of delivery address or card message must be made at least 6 hours before the delivery is due to take place. This will ensure that we have time to amend the order prior to dispatch.

Once your order is being processed, cancellation of your order is possible only in exceptional circumstances and is entirely at our discretion.

3. Deliveries

3.1 Delivery details

We will try to ensure that your order is delivered to the recipient's address you have provided. However, there are times when this is not possible due to problems with the address provided or due to problems our drivers may encounter when attempting to deliver the order. It is therefore very important that you ensure that the address of the recipient you provide is accurate, and that you give us additional instructions to assist our drivers to locate difficult-to-find addresses. We cannot be held responsible for non-deliveries in case of invalid or outdated delivery addresses provided by the client; re-deliveries in such cases are subject to an additional delivery charge.

3.2 Deliveries to offices or other commercial establishments

When delivering to offices, internal distribution stations, receptions etc we will always ask the person accepting the flowers to sign a proof of delivery. Upon receipt of this proof, the order is deemed to have been executed and OnlyRoses cannot be held liable for any delays or damages that may occur with the product from this point onwards.

If a delivery is rejected by the recipient, the recipient is not home or not available ( e.g. in hospital), your order will be taken back to our store. We will then contact you, and you have the option of either collecting the order from our store or you can arrange a re-delivery of the order, this will be subject to an additional delivery charge.

3.3 Delivery Instructions

When you leave any delivery instructions with us, we will do our best to follow them (e.g. if recipient is not in please leave roses with a neighbour). Once delivered and signed for, OnlyRoses cannot be held liable for the order from this point onwards.

3.4 Courier deliveries (using Interparcel / Fedex / UPD /DHL etc)

OnlyRoses will always ship using the fastest possible delivery service provider. Under normal circumstances the packaging will ensure that any order will arrive in good condition; therefore the order might be packed or wrapped with additional, non-branded protective packing.

OnlyRoses will not take responsibility, or offer a refund for the order if the package is not collected by the courier, has not been delivered on the next day or has been damaged by the courier company during transport. In this case OnlyRoses will request a refund for the shipping costs from the courier company and if this is received, we will refund the sender for the shipping costs only.
As soon as the courier company collects the order at one of our outlets, we receive a tracking number for the shipment, we can provide this number to the client upon request.

3.5 Web Shop Orders:

All above points in 3.1 – 3.4 also apply to Online Orders.

In addition, the following applies to Online Orders:
The confirmation email that is sent on completion of your order contains all the key information about your order. It is very important that you check this to ensure no errors have been made. Online orders placed for morning delivery (before noon) for the next day cannot be guaranteed for delivery in this timeslot, but we will do our best. Should there be any expected delay of more than one hour, we will inform you before your order leaves the shop.

4. Availability of products

We will always aim to deliver the product in the colour or the closest match to the colours ordered. However your order might not contain exactly the same rose varieties / arrangements / bouquets as displayed or advertised. We aim, but cannot always guarantee to deliver a certain variety or amount of one variety of roses. If we have difficulties in fulfilling your order we will contact you and discuss suitable alternatives.
As every Onlyroses arrangement is freshly made, we hope you understand that as soon as an order has been accepted by the recipient, it can no longer be exchanged.

5. Delivery failure and refunds

Although we do our best to ensure that this does not happen, on very rare occasions, a delivery may fail to arrive at its destination due to an unforeseen delivery issue, or may arrive damaged. If the recipient fails to receive any roses, or receives damaged roses, please contact us immediately so that we can arrange a re-delivery as soon as possible.
We always use roses of the highest quality, purchased directly from the farms, from where they are shipped straight to us. Throughout this period they are constantly chilled and kept under optimum conditions until they leave our shop.
If your roses are cared for correctly they should last for five days from the time of delivery. However, as our roses are a natural product, some may perish faster than others. In the rare case that this occurs we offer compensation at our own discretion. The damaged roses must be brought back to our shop or must be ready to be collected by our driver upon delivery of the compensation roses.

6. Personal information

To ensure that we can communicate effectively with both customers and recipients, it is very important that you provide us with accurate contact information. We will never share your identity with the recipient, even if they request this information.

Please note that we value your privacy and will never disclose or sell your private information. OnlyRoses is registered under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

7. Promotional codes

From time to time we may offer promotional codes or products at different rates. These offers are valid from the time that we introduce them to the end date of the offer and they cannot be used for purchases before the offer introduction date or after the offer end date. A special offer or promotional code cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or promotional code.

In the event that a customer has made a purchase and the price of a product falls, due to a special offer or promotional code, the price of the product at the time of purchase shall 'prevail'.
As our special offers are often made available due to the availability of products, we may change the terms of special offers, or withdraw them altogether, at any time, and without prior notice. We also reserve the right to offer personalized special offers and promotions which will only be redeemable by the customer in receipt of the special offer.

8. Deliveries on weekends and public holidays
OnlyRoses delivers within the city areas (usually within 10km or 7miles around any outlet) Monday – Sunday.

On occasion, we can make special arrangements for deliveries on Sundays and bank holidays to areas outside the above. Please contact us if you would like to request a weekend or public holiday delivery and we will try to make this possible.

9. Changes to orders in exceptionally busy periods (Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)

During exceptionally busy periods we may apply order deadlines. Additional orders or changes to orders after the order deadline cannot be guaranteed and will be dealt with at our discretion and on a case by case basis.

10. Testimonials

We reserve the right to display customer testimonials on our website. These will not bear the name nor any marks of identification such as special dates, pictures or footage related to the origin of the message.

11. Copyright and Trademarks

OnlyRose® and InfiniteRoses® are Registered Trademarks. The use of the logo, mark or any part of it is prohibited unless authorized by OnlyRoses.

12. Payment Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

12.1 Personal purchases

Orders can only be confirmed if the full amount due is paid immediately, either in cash, by credit or debit card, via PayPal or BACS transfer into our bank account.
For events, a deposit of 50% of the total value must be paid four weeks before the event date.

12.1.1 Standard orders for catalogue products can be cancelled until the day before the scheduled delivery and a full refund will be made. If any bespoke/custom-made products or services are required from us, specifically for the order, then 10 working days’ notice must be given for cancellation, in order to receive a full refund. For cancellations of orders exceeding the value of U$250, or equivalent in local currency, or for cancellations of orders which include equipment or vase rental, notice of 10 working days must be given in advance of the delivery / pick-up date. Cancellations less than 10 working days in advance might be subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the total order value.

12.1.2 Equipment rental fee will be charged for items such as vases, containers, stands etc.
This rental fee includes rental of the items for one week from the date of delivery. A deposit of 50% of the retail value of the rental items is required prior to delivery. In the case of items are broken, damaged or missing after delivery / setup, the deposit for these items will not be refunded.

12.2 Corporate / Account Customers

OnlyRoses may provide account or credit facilities for corporate clients’ subject to satisfactory credit references, and invoice these parties after the delivery / event has taken place. Payment terms are 30 days, starting on the last day of the month in which the order has been delivered. Payments can be made either via BACS transfer, cheque or credit card.

The above Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy are part of any contract or legally binding agreement between OnlyRoses and any third party.