14 Days of Valentine's: Infinite Rose Waldorf

February 13th 2018

With a namesake as beautiful as the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and inspiration steeped in luxury fashion houses, it’s no wonder our Infinite Rose Waldorf is the picture of style and elegance. This beautiful design is comprised of our Infinite Roses arranged in a stunning hat style presentation box. This luxury presentation box comes complete with resealable lid, and a satin handle to complete a contemporary and sought after look.

The Infinite Rose Waldorf isn’t just beautiful for Valentine’s Day, with our Infinite Roses we can assure you it will be beautiful all year long. Our InfiniteRoses are real roses, which last up to a year, without any water. They’re also so beautiful it’s impossible to tell them apart from their fresh cut counterparts. You can learn more about our luxury roses here. Infinite Roses not only look perfect but they travel perfectly too. This arrangement is available for Nationwide delivery. So, no matter where your recipient, or you, may be, we can ensure that they receive only the most beautiful of gifts.

This arrangement is available in three colours for Valentine’s Day, red, white and pink. We’ve chosen these three colours as we feel they best represent the themes of this beautiful occasion, romance, elegance and excitement. The Infinite Rose Waldorf is also available in two sizes, medium and large. Both sizes are built to travel, and both are just as beautiful. So, it’s all down to you. The Infinite Rose Waldorf is stylish, elegant and ready to make its way to a lucky recipient, fingers crossed it’s you. Photo credit: Katya Bychkova of StyleSprinter


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