14 Days of Valentine's: Classic Rose Waldorf

February 6th 2018

Say Happy Valentine’s Day in style, say it with the Classic Rose Waldorf. We can’t get enough of this beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangement! The Waldorf oozes finesse; its contemporary design combined with our stunning Classic Roses makes it the perfect choice when it comes to luxury gifting this Valentine’s Day. 

Classic Rose Waldorf is a tall, rounded hat-style box, filled with beautiful Classic Roses. To complete the look we add a resealable lid and an elegant satin handle, it’s chic, it’s luxury, and it always looks gorgeous on the move. 

Always inspired by luxury fashion houses and the must-have accessories we can’t go anywhere without, Classic Rose Waldorf suits this picture perfectly. So, treat your recipient to Classic Rose Waldorf, its the gift no one should have to go without.

Look to the Classic Rose Waldorf this Valentine’s Day if you want a gift that’s stylish, elegant and unquestionable OnlyRoses.

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