Luxury Roses

May 9th 2022

OnlyRoses the Only Name for Luxury Roses OnlyRoses the Only Name for Luxury Roses OnlyRoses the Only Name for Luxury Roses
OnlyRoses the Only Name for Luxury Roses

Roses are beautiful. There are over 300 species and thousands of cultivars selectively bred for particular colours or traits. They variously smell delicious and have become heart-warming symbols of style, glamour and romance. Recent innovation has led to them becoming a true luxury gift or ornament, available in many different guises to suit any person, any venue and any occasion.

We started OnlyRoses over a decade ago (back in 2007) in London, innovating with signature design elements, offering a huge choice of the World’s finest, artisanal fresh-cut roses, and with our signature Infinite Roses® - real roses that have been preserved to last for years, without any water, a different take and many new possibilities.

We offer unique arrangements made with the finest fresh-cut roses, perfect for the truly personal gift but we are more widely known for our long-lasting Infinite Roses®. Our OnlyRoses collections are specially curated for special people, special occasions and standout events such as the 2019 Oscars, in Hollywood.The OnlyRoses brand operates through luxury retail stores in six countries and via the internet. Orders can be placed by visiting one of our luxury store locations, an experience in itself, or they can be placed online or by phone. See a full list of our international stores.

We know that standing still is not an option, so we continue to surprise, re-invent, and innovate, launch new and exciting luxury products, and explore new horizons. It is amazing what can be achieved, we are just at the beginning of an exciting adventure only limited by our imagination. Be sure to visit us online or better still come to one of our stores, you will be most welcome and sure to be surprised.

Here is a selection demonstrating the lengths we go to, in creating something extra special:

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