Rose Scenery

Rose Scenery Rose Scenery Rose Scenery
Rose Scenery

Rose Scenery

OnlyRoses specialises in creating Rose Scenery, which includes rose walls, backdrops made of roses, rose flags, rose spheres, and sculptures made of roses for events and TV/Film/Theatre Production.
Please visit our blog about our iconic installation for the 91st Academy Awards stage, designed David Korins, where we have supplied and installed 40,000 of our exclusive Infinite Roses®.

For your wedding, a flower wall can work anywhere: at the ceremony entrance, as a gorgeous backdrop for your vow exchange, at the cocktail reception or dinner, or any other place you'd like to draw attention to, whether indoor or outdoor. It can also be moved during the wedding, to serve as a backdrop at the ceremony, and afterwards can be moved to the reception, as a backdrop for your head table. They are also a great backdrop for a photo booth for any type of event, not just for weddings. They’ll guarantee spectacular photos for you and your guests all night long.

Rose Walls

From ‘wild’ looking flower walls that can include roses and other preserved flowers like hydrangeas, and preserved foliage and leaves, to more structured installations with ‘only roses’ (stunning for photo backdrops), our team will work with you to create a bespoke installation according to your wishes, taking into account the theme, and to suit the location.

You don't need to fill up an entire wall with roses to make a statement! Panels covered in roses and placed throughout the venue can also add a luxurious floral feel to the décor.

Whilst we can create a wall of roses with our Classic Roses (fresh-cut Ecuadorian roses), our Infinite Roses® (real, preserved Ecuadorian roses that last for years without water) are the perfect solution for weddings, as well as private and corporate events. Our fresh-cut ‘Classic Roses’ are stunningly beautiful, vibrant, and often naturally scented, but they do require water, and building a wall of roses for a backdrop, or a large structure made from roses like a sphere, or a rose flag, takes time and effort, and the biggest enemy is heat and dehydration, both before, and during the event.


Therefore, our Infinite Roses® are the perfect solution, as they do not need any water and will look beautiful and fresh throughout the entire event, and well beyond, without the need for water, and are not affected by heat or draft.

Each single Infinite Rose® is created by hand, meaning they are first hand-selected to meet the highest criteria, and after the preservation process, the petals are re-arranged or removed, so that each bud has a perfect, consistent look.

Rose spheres can be created with a min. diameter of 15 inches.

Rose flags with simple patterns can be created with min dimensions of 16 x 12 inches.
More complex flag patterns like, for example the UK flag, can be created with minimum dimensions of 60 x 40 inches.

To enquire about a wall of roses, or any bespoke structure made of roses, please contact us by sending an email to or call us on (+44) 7373 9595. We’d love to speak to you.

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