International Women's Day Roses

International Women's Day is about giving women well-deserved recognition and appreciation. And, of course, flowers. Think of the woman who matters most in your life. Tell her why and show her exactly how much. We offer both our Classic Roses, which are the World’s finest, fresh-cut, Ecuadorian roses. As well as, our beautiful Infinite Roses, these are real roses, that last up to a year, without any water. They cannot be told apart from their fresh-cut counterparts. Find out more about our luxury roses.

OnlyRoses is a High-End Gifting and Interior Design brand, established over nearly two decades ago in London, offering innovation with its signature design elements and authentic luxury experience.

When it comes to Mother's Day what better way to say, ‘Thank You’ than with the World’s Finest Roses. Choose from a rich variety of colours with our collection of fresh-cut Classic Roses and signature long-lasting Infinite Roses®, these are our real roses that can last for several years without water.