An introduction to becoming an OnlyRoses Franchisee

OnlyRoses™ is an exclusive international rose specialist retailer, founded in 2007, in London. The company offers the World’s Finest Roses, directly from Ecuador, where they are grown under strict social, labour and environmental standards.

Operating an industry leading e-commerce store, as well as a franchise system with international stores, OnlyRoses delivers their ClassicRoses and InfiniteRoses throughout the countries of operation.

Target Franchise Regions

The company plans to launch further Franchise stores in capitals and major cities in the following regions:

·North and South America

·South-, East-, and South-East Asia

·Europe, Eastern Europe

·South Africa

·Middle East

The training & support we provide to our Franchisees

Through our comprehensive training program, we share our knowledge and expertise to assist you in launching and managing your OnlyRoses business successfully. OnlyRoses provides training, procedures, specifications, processes, and a supply chain network to equip you to operate successfully. Our state-of-the-art back-end technology allows you to out-run any competition not only with the highest quality roses but also with providing a second-to-none level of customer service and optimised process management.

Which qualifications are required to become an OnlyRoses Franchisee?

We assess each Franchisee based on their experience, their attitude and dedication, their capital investment availability, and whether they have a good understanding of the OnlyRoses brand and what it stands for. The Franchisee will be the driving force behind the success of an OnlyRoses business and therefore a certain level of involvement will be required.

How profitable is an OnlyRoses Franchise?

The required total capital investment until running profits varies depending on your region and specific location; an OnlyRoses retail store should start generating profits within the first 12 months, an ROI can usually be achieved within max. 3 years, again depending on initial investment.

Steps to becoming an OnlyRoses Franchisee

1. Register your interest

2. We will send you a questionnaire to fill in and return via email

3. Signing of a binding Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

4. Telephone or skype interview scheduled. You will learn about our franchise program and the support services we offer.  We will discuss your responsibilities and business objectives, as well as financials.

5. Signing of the Letter of Intent (LOI)

6. Face-to-Face Meeting

7. Signing of the Franchise Agreement and payment of the Initial Franchise Fee

8. Find your retail location, sign lease

9. Refurbishment and training begins

10. Welcome to OnlyRoses

Note: The normal timeframe expected between signing of the Confidentiality Agreement and signing/completion of the Franchise Agreement should not exceed 3 months.

Please register your interest by sending us an email.