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Add a touch of luxury to any room with an elegant designer vase, matched with our long-lasting Infinite Roses. They really are the perfect flowers for luxury designer vases, as they do not require any water, and therefore your luxury vases do not need to be handled at all (for changing the water or cleaning purposes, as this is not necessary) – you can just sit back and admire them. Your Infinite Rose floral arrangement will look immaculate in your luxury vase for more than a year. 

Let us help you make your favourite luxury vases stand out even more in your home, with our Infinite Roses – real Ecuadorian roses, preserved to last for several years, without the need for any water or maintenance. Our Infinite Roses are not sensitive to heat or draft, and are therefore the perfect flowers for interior spaces which are exposed to air conditioning and heating.

Send us a photo of your favourite luxury designer vase, and we’ll suggest suitable arrangements made with our long-lasting Infinite Roses.

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Luxury Vases by Only Roses
Luxury Vases by Only Roses
Luxury Vases by Only Roses