Roses in a Luxury Presentation Box

History of Roses in a Box

The use of a hat box goes back to the early 19th century, when it first became fashionable with high society shoppers. Ladies would bring home matching hats for both day, and evening wear, in a stylish and elegant presentation box, hence its namesake the "Hat Box". However, you would never seek to hide your hat box from view as high end stores would always have their branding visible across them. This was an early example of high end clientele proud to show off their wares and, with their success, it was only a matter of time before more robust designs would take their place. The hat box became a symbol of luxury and elegance, a symbol which always resonated with ourselves.


These boxes struck a chord with us and our designers found an excitement in expanding on a past sentiment that both resonated with us and matched our roses so perfectly. Think: a nostalgic visit to the beginning of high-end luxury branding. It opened a door to embody the luxury shopping experience, associated with cities of the likes of London, Paris and New York, in our very own products. To do this our design team looked at ways to create different shaped boxes to house our various Infinite Roses and Classic Roses. They also had to examine different settings within the home and how these different shaped boxes could be presented as a gift while still maintaining viability to travel. Our design team wanted to capture that initial ‘Wow’ factor that these boxes first presented so long ago. Realising the possibilities were endless and the experience sublime our team embarked on the box revolution!

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What's Next?

This all began, officially, with the launch of our Soho and Plaza boxes. They were a huge success with our Infinite Roses, as their bright bold colouring contrasted against the deep black hat boxes creating now, what we consider, a signature look. Following this development continued into our Classic Rose varieties ensuring a safe and presentable home for them as well. Finally this leads us to where we are now, a plethora of designs that match our style and ethos perfectly. We are proud of our boxed roses and, let’s just say, there's a very special design on it’s way soon...

What's Next?