A popular Classic Rose design, now available in long-lasting Infinite Roses: The Lady Jane

October 4th 2017

The World’s Finest Roses always deserve a home to match their beauty. With Lady Jane this is no exception, luxury roses meet a beautiful vase that tells a story. Lady Jane has long been a staple part of our Classic Luxury Collection, a collection that plays host to all our most opulent Classic Rose designs! So, why stop there? Something as gorgeous as our Lady Jane should be available as a gift to be treasured all year round and as such we are giving it the long-lasting Infinite Rose treatment.

So what is the Infinite Rose treatment? It’s exactly that. A re-imagining of the already beautiful Lady Jane prepared exclusively with our long-lasting Infinite Roses. Our Infinite Roses match the beauty of our fresh roses without any required watering or upkeep. All you have to do is sit back and admire their beauty...

What makes Lady Jane so special? Well, Aside from housing our beautiful luxury roses, the vase itself has a history. In Victorian times a gentleman would place his handkerchief over a puddle to allow his partner to safely navigate over without dirtying her gown, this vase was designed in the same shape as said handkerchief and it carries with it the same sentiment. It’s a little thought, with a poetic message, that deserves to live on in Lady Jane. Our design team works tirelessly on every vase to ensure they not only match our standards in quality but match our ethos, and, Lady Jane represents this perfectly. With all this taken into account we had no doubt in our minds that The Lady Jane would be a perfect fit for our Infinite Roses.

Lady Jane is not the first of our Classic Luxury Collection to be receiving this treatment, we’ve already launched the stunning Infinite Rose Punch Bowl and The Infinite Rose Aurora, two previous Classic Rose staples that perfectly suited our gorgeous Infinite Roses. Just a small glance at either of these products shows exactly how our Infinite Roses can create an elegant look that will garner attention all year round.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that from the 19th of October the all new Infinite Rose Lady Jane will be available throughout all our regions.

If you simply can’t wait until then, we’re sure our Classic Rose Lady Jane will be able to tide you over...


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