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Infinite Fleurs Du Vin
Winter Edition
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About Infinite Fleurs Du Vin

Treat yourself or someone else with Infinite Fleurs Du Vin - Winter Edition. Our newest arrangement is a reimagining of our Classic Luxury Fleurs Du Vin, created with InfiniteRoses in deep red hues – just for the holiday season. And stunning preserved hydrangea is the perfect complement.

Available in one size (Large) and specially selected deep red InfiniteRoses.

The Infinite Fleurs Du Vin - Winter Edition is hand-made by one of our experienced florists with the worlds finest InfiniteRoses, ethically sourced in Ecuador. InfiniteRoses are roses that do not require water, and retain their beauty for up to a year! Click here for full care tips on how to look after your InfiniteRoses.

The Fleurs Du Vin vase also fully functions as a champagne cooler so Fleurs Du Vin can escort you through more than just once!

Here’s a gift that will add a dose of glam to any occasion this season.

Infinite Fleurs Du Vin

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