Festival Time is Family Time - with Roses

April 20th 2019

Easter, Ramadan, Pesach Easter, Ramadan, Pesach Easter, Ramadan, Pesach

Whatever your beliefs or faith, festivals are being celebrated all over the world. It’s that time of year. They are not only serious spiritual occasions but also a time when families come together. Even for those without a faith the festivals are so well embedded in our culture that our calendars provide all of us with the opportunity to meet up and share time with family and friends.

Food often plays a central role in festival celebrations, there is nothing like a well-prepared meal to get people around the same table. A lot of care and attention goes into the preparation, not least the decorations. Our centrepieces (and hostess gifts) are perfect for such occasions.

Another tradition associated with festivals all over the world is that they are a time when gifts are exchanged. There are many traditions buried deep in our cultures ranging from sweets and chocolate eggs to cards and even money. One thing is for sure, the beauty of nature expressed in floral decorations and gifts transcends all cultures. The symbolic language of flowers is universal; nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers. Roses in particular express a wide range of emotions, based on colour. Here at OnlyRoses we have curated a number of different rose collections in multiple colours and combinations. Take a look and find the perfect gift for that special festival occasion or someone you love.

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