Style Your Thanksgiving with OnlyRoses

November 14th 2018

Inspiring Ideas to Thank Your Host 

or to Create the Perfect Tablescape

Add colour and flair to your Thanksgiving celebrations with our collection of gorgeous gifts, beautiful table settings and stunning arrangements. Whether going for an elegant neutral tone like Champagne or Peach, to the more classic Crimson and traditional Pumpkin, OnlyRoses has a wealth of colours and styles to choose from.

For a chic twist on traditional décor our Infinite Rose designs add a stunning touch of colour and elegance instantly. These long-lasting roses are ideal for decorating your home as they are real roses that can last several years without water and look exactly like their fresh-cut counterparts, plus they come in all shapes and sizes too.

For individual place settings, the Infinite Rose Luna is stunning and if you are feeling particularly generous they make a lovely take-home gift for your guests. Another favourite is the simple but sophisticated Infinite Rose Quartet, its elegant black crystal bowl is perfect to enhance colours like Champagne or Peach. One of the cutest arrangements is the Infinite Rose Gem, its glass cloche evokes a sense of Victorian times but with our modern twist. Our boxed roses come in all shapes and sizes. The Infinite Rose Soho, Plaza and Waldorf are all perfect to create a spectacular display of colour and sumptuous style, and their presentation box designs are great to gift too.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some of the best memories are about entertaining friends and family, and our roses have a natural air of extravagance and abundance making them ideal to decorate with. For a gorgeous centrepiece that steals the show our fresh-cut Classic Rose Boulevard makes a stunning statement. We recommend The Knightsbridge as the colour tones of oranges and peaches are blended with seasonal foliage and berries, the result is effortlessly beautiful. If looking for a visual triumph then the Infinite Rose Fleurs du Vin is the ultimate Thanksgiving celebration, its champagne cooler vase is filled with a dome of our long-lasting roses.

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