Trooping the colour with Royalty

June 8th 2018

As you may know Saturday, the 9th of June marks the annual trooping of the colour for the royal family in the UK. This stunning display of pageantry is in honour of the Queen's birthday, and as with all beautiful displays, we love it! Royalty is a collection of arrangements that celebrate all things, Royal. Think red, white and blue but, most importantly, think beautiful.  

The Infinite Rose - 

Our signature product gets a beautiful royal twist with these stunning design of red, white and blue. Choose from either design for a gift that not only marks the occasion but stays gorgeous all year long.

The Only Bouquet - 

Hand-tied bouquets have been popular with the Royal Family since the early 90s, and the coming together of the two inspired our very own Only Bouquet. We designed an elegant yet understated arrangement that encapsulates the signature London style that matches our roses so perfectly.

The Classic Rose Punch Bowl - 

You can’t think of Royalty without thinking luxury, and the Royalty Classic Rose Punch Bowl encapsulates this luxury. This arrangement embraces deep red Classic Roses completed with rich purple Trachelium for a classic look that suits matches the occasion perfectly.

Coliseum -

The Coliseum is the ultimate gesture. If you are looking for the perfect display of luxury, elegance and the grandiose, then look no further. Coliseum is the embodiment and beautiful as it is bold, a pure expression of everything we stand for - The World's Finest roses presented in an unforgettable style.

Indulge in Royalty and celebrate the trooping of the colour with OnlyRoses


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