OnlyRoses Top 5 Valentine's Day London Restaurants

January 17th 2018

Valentine’s Day is so much more than just the gift, yes, the perfect gift goes an extremely long way (especially if that gift is roses) but you also need to present that gift appropriately. It’s all about location, location, location. The right venue sets a tone and with it, the right food, and a view can complete anyone's Valentine’s Day. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and chosen are top 5 London restaurants for you this Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you bring along some of our roses, they are the world’s finest after all.


If you’re looking for a romantic meal with a breathtaking view, then look no further. Hutong, with its menu based on imperial Chinese recipes, is located on level 33 of the Shard, an iconic London location that will, without a doubt, leave your date completely lost for words. The restaurant itself is intimate in scale, making this a perfect venue for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Truly a meal fit for an empress.

Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore is a showstopper of a venue. It’s heralded as possibly the most romantic venue in London. This would be down to its incredible interiors, the restaurant is visually astounding with a ceiling canopy of beautiful flowers and seating only for couples. That’s right, this restaurant only seats couples and the food is sharing themed. Clos Maggiore is beautiful, delicious and romantic…If you can book a table.


Think sexy and chic, think Hakkasan. Located in Mayfair, Hakkasan will lure you in from the cold and welcome you with warm open arms, and one of their excellent cocktails. Once you’re suitably relaxed and recovered from the outside, it will be time to eat and their menu will not disappoint. To truly dazzle your date we recommend the Grilled Japanese Wagyu rib-eye beef and the Jasmine tea smoked chicken.

German Gymnasium

If you are looking for something different and visually stunning, look no further than the German Gymnasium. Hidden away in Kings Cross, this spectacular venue features beautiful decor and cuisine to match. The scale of the room will be the first thing you notice, with glorious high ceilings and a unique aesthetic you simply won’t be able to avoid stopping and staring. Not to mention the food, which is exquisite.

Bob Bob Ricard

Finally, our number 1 for this year is Bob Bob Ricard. Located in iconic Soho, Bob Bob Ricard has an aesthetic that is unrivalled, with food to match. Complete with 1920’s style decor, this restaurant is all glamour, all elegance, but with a light, fun touch. Each table features a “press for Champagne” button, and the menu offers a striking combination of Russian and European cuisine. This restaurant has it all. Dress the part for the occasion and definitely don’t forget the roses.

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