4 Ways to Bring a Little Good Fortune into Your Life

September 3rd 2017

Be thankful

Feeling lucky starts with realising what you’ve got. What are you thankful for right this minute? Whether it’s your amazing mum, your new killer boots or the bit of sun that’s just made an appearance after a particularly gloomy week, make a list. See how fast it all adds up.

Pay it forward

When you have a lot, it shouldn’t be too difficult to help someone less fortunate. You can donate to your favourite charity, volunteer for a cause that’s close to your heart, or give away some things you don’t need. You’ll start to realise quickly how much you’ve got and lucky you are.


“Does it spark joy?” asks Marie Kondo, in her best-selling manifesto on decluttering and organizing your home and beyond. If you’re not familiar with The Life-Changing magic of Tidying Up, you should be. Bring your life more joy by getting rid of the things that don’t spark it.

Treat yourself

We all deserve to feel special and if you can treat yourself to a little pampering now and then, well aren’t you lucky? Try a spa day, an all-out dinner for two, or a lovely bouquet. Might we suggest The Brompton?


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