Handpicked for the goop Holiday Gift Guide

December 5th 2018

The Infinite Rose in Amber Red

We are thrilled that goop picked The Infinite Rose in gorgeous Amber Red for their annual Holiday Gift Guide. We love their choice, as this design is one of our favourites too. It is already available to purchase online at goop.com, as well as at the exclusive goop GIFT seasonal pop-up stores in Dallas, Manhasset and San Francisco. 

They love how the beauty of our Infinite Roses can last for a year or longer, making your gift even more memorable. We only use the finest, real Ecuadorian roses to create these signature long-lasting roses, and the abundance of their petals is the perfect style for The Infinite Rose design. The rich Amber Red rose is ideally complemented by the customised black crystal bowl, to create a stunningly stylish decoration. 

So, if you are looking for some luxury gift inspiration, why not follow goop’s lead, and pick an Infinite Rose in the colour of your choice (you can choose from 30 different colours) - we’re sure whoever you give one to will love it. 

Happy Holidays. 

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