Valentine's Day: For All The People You Love

January 25th 2018

Valentine’s Day, it’s about showing the people you love that you really care. It’s not only about your partner, Valentine’s Day is the day to let everyone important to you know that they are the most important. It’s so easy to focus entirely on your partner, getting lost planning the perfect romantic day, I mean there’s just so much to think about… The restaurant, the gift and most of course, the roses. With all this in mind it’s easy to see why we sometimes forget about all the other people that also mean the world to us. However, we can tell you this, with the utmost certainty, no matter the emotional intent there is no better feeling than receiving the world’s finest roses on Valentine’s Day. So why not share the love? We’ve got more than enough to go around.

Roses For Mum

For mum, look no further than The Waldorf. A contemporary and stylish look that’s built to travel. It’s perfect for saying “thank you for everything” and looking stunning while doing so. We also know that you can’t always live close to mum so we’ve made sure The Infinite Rose Waldorf is also available for nationwide shipping. So, you can wish your mum a perfect and happy Valentine’s Day no matter the distance between you.


Roses For Your Friends

For better or for worse, friends are the family we choose and what better way to let them know we care, than by wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled to wake up to our roses on the big day? Infinite Rose Ebony is chic in its simplicity and constant in its beauty. Arriving in signature packaging that’s made for travel (friends aren’t always close by) and available in three different sizes. Looking for a perfect gift for the perfect friend? Look no further.


Roses For Your Daughter

Show your shining star just how bright she is with Infinite Rose Luna. Everyone should feel special on Valentine’s Day and your best and brightest should do too. Let her know that you’re thinking of her always, but this year let her know with the World’s Finest Roses. To you, your daughter will always be the most beautiful of all of gifts, doesn’t she deserve perfection on Valentine’s Day too?


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