Mother's Day in the Middle East

March 14th 2019

Unlike the UK (Sunday, March 31st) and the US (Sunday, May 12th), Mother’s Day in the Middle East is celebrated on Thursday, March 21st. This coincides with the Persian New Year but it was not established in the Arab World until 1956, when two influential Egyptian journalists, Mostafa Amin and Ali Amin, came up with the idea. Writing in their daily column they suggested that people celebrate Mother’s Day on the first day of spring. Readers welcomed the idea, and the first Mother’s Day was celebrated in Egypt in 1956.

Since that time the tradition has spread to other Arab countries, and now most celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day. Mother’s Day rightly celebrates the special position that Mothers hold in the family and the role they play in bringing up their children. On Mother’s Day, Mothers are universally cherished and showered with gifts, greeting cards, flowers and other presents. Grandmothers and Mothers-In-Law very often get presents too, and why not, they are Mothers as well. Mother’s Day also provides the opportunity to bring families back together.

Just as elsewhere in the World, cities across the Arab World have a lot to offer for Mother's Day celebrations, including flower boutiques and chocolate shops, as our own OnlyRoses stores across Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon just go to show.

Mother’s Day, like so many other events, has become much more commercialised. The sentiments remain the same however. It’s a time for a family to gather round and make a Mom feel loved and special. Gifts of flowers and cards are the norm but can often extend to trips to the spa or many other such special treat'.

The gift of flowers is immensely popular, so it seems appropriate that we have created a special Mother’s Day Collection of Rose gifts. We’ve put a lot of thought into this and split it up into three different categories for the Trendy, Modern and Traditional Mums. Mums are so special they keep all the plates spinning and smother us all with love. Go on, treat them like you know they should be.



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