14 Days of Valentine's: Infinite Rose Ebony

February 3rd 2018

Infinite Rose Ebony is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. A single long-stemmed Infinite Rose in an elegant glass cylinder vase, Infinite Rose Ebony is always the vision of beauty. Arriving in gorgeous luxury packaging the Infinite Rose Ebony does not only look perfect but travels perfectly too.

Infinite Rose Ebony is all about the presentation. Once you’re past our stunning packaging to reveal the perfect picture within, you’ll find it’s subtle, elegant and always desirable. The glass cylinder vase conjures notions of forever, making this not only a gift to last but a gift that most certainly won’t ever be forgotten.

So, if you haven’t found that perfect gift yet (and time is ticking…), then Infinite Rose Ebony is for you. At the right moment, it can be a statement and in another a soft gesture. Either way, it will be right. Photo Credit: @maithalali

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