10 Wedding Day Gifts

September 3rd 2017

While it’s not exactly a time-honoured tradition, it’s quite common for the bride and groom to do a little gift exchange prior to tying the knot, either the night before or the morning of the ceremony. Have a look at our big day gift selections for her, for him, for the tables, and more…

1. For the bridal bouquet, it’s got to be The Infinite Wedding Bouquet. It may not last as long as your vows, but up to 365 days is pretty good.


3. Forget His and Hers monogrammed hand towels. Give the bride and groom an InfiniteRose each. Choose a colour that creates a bold statement  for the bedside tables.


4. A piece of advice for the groom: don’t forget to make the other woman feel special too. We’re talking about the Mother of the Bride, of course. And she’ll love Infinite Ebony


6. The tables will love Infinite Boulevard, and so will your guests when they take one home after the reception.


7. If you’re unable to attend the nuptials (assuming you’re not the bride or groom, obviously), send The Classic Gesture to say congrats.


8. Saying ‘I do’ abroad? You’ll want to pack  Infinite Boutique. It travels well, like any jet setting bride.


9. Rose petals. The bridal suite wouldn’t be complete without this romantic touch.


10. The Infinite Jewel our favourite wedding gift this season. A fairy tale romance of blooms in a bell jar, with OnlyRoses in Tiffany blue (of course).


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